Friday, June 17, 2011

Nuffnang: CPM Campaign

Sebelum ni aku ade tanye pihak Nuffnang macam mana satu-satu blog tu dipilih untuk CPM Campaign. Tak banyak yang aku dapat tahu pasal sistem pemilihan diorang secara detail. Of course record uv satu hal, but CRITERIA adelah satu cerite lain.. Sebelum tu boleh click SINI untuk tahu tips nak dapat Buffered Earnings

So aku pon bertanye...

"How does advertisers recognize a particular blog for their CPM campaign? I mean, there are thousands of blogger in Malaysia and some of them can easily get CPM campaign even though there are others with better traffic? I know this kind of situation based on stories from my friends."

Dan Miss Nuff menjawab..

"Hi there,

As shared, advertisers choose blogs for their campaigns based on the criteria that they want for their campaign and we've no rights to question their choices. Also, there is no direct correlation between the number of blog visitors you get and your chances of getting selected for ad campaigns. Everyone registered on the Nuffnang network has equal chances of displaying CPC/CPM ads. For mCPM ads, the selection of blogs is entirely dependent on the advertisers' requirements, and the advertising industry is also highly seasonal, therefore there might be times where there are no advertisers looking for a particular group of bloggers for a while.

P/s: Sesape yang ayah die keje kat mane2 company advertisers yg jadik client Nuffnang atau involve dalam bahagian marketing, bole le tanye ayah/mak.. heheh. Mase utk tengok Maharaja Lawak.

Note: Info dalam entry ni adalah untuk dikongsi.


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