Friday, November 26, 2010

Reminder (Nov 25th 2010)

Tonight : abeskan lab report malam ni n prepare utk lab esok
Friday: calibrate tachometer, start doing formal lab n try to get half done. Start wat lab heat exchanger sebanyak yg boleh
Saturday: pasang DC motor, abeskan formal lab n jgn tdo slagi xsiap.
Sunday : abeskan lab report heat exchanger, sambung wat tachometer.
Monday : prepare for fluids last lab, sambung tachometer
Tuesday: Tachometer, start study for finals
Wed: Tachometer, study finals
Thurs: Last check tachometer, finals, report fluids
Friday: Report fluids, finals
Saturday: Abeskan Report fluids, finals..
Sunday-onwards : FINALs...

Bring it on...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CUASA is in a legal position to strike as early as November 15, 2010

1.CUASA, the Employer, or both apply for conciliation.

2. A conciliator is appointed and conciliation dates agreed to.

3. There is at least one conciliation meeting in the attempt to reach an agreement.

4. Conciliation fails.

5. The conciliator issues a noboard

6.There is a seventeen day waiting period.

After all of these steps, CUASA Steering would call a strike if and when there is no other way to reach a collective agreement.

Please take your time for this =)