Monday, April 30, 2012

What is Caliphate in Islam?

What is Caliphate?

The Caliphate is a state and government in Islam. The definition of Islam is submission to Allah.

What is submission to Allah?

Submission to Allah is submission to Allah as Al-Malik. In English dictionary we define Malik as “King”. But we are dealing with political terminology now. So Al-Malik is sovereign. Sovereignty belongs to Him. So, to submit to Allah in Islam is to submit to Allah who possesses sovereignty.

To declare someone else possesses sovereignty is to say “goodbye” to Allah.

To submit to Allah is to submit to Allah as Al-Akhbar and He reminds you that He is Al-Akhbar. Because every time you perform solah, you cannot move without Allahuakhbar.

Al-Akhbar is the one who has supreme authority. And so, the Caliphate is a state and government which submits to Allah’s authority as supreme. For a muslim to submit to anyone else and recognize his authority as supreme is to say “goodbye” to Allahuakhbar.

Islam is to submit to Allah as Al-Hakam. Al-Hakam is the Law giver. Not only He gives the Law, but the Law is the supreme Law. And when he makes something haram, it must be enforced as haram. When he makes something halal, it must be enforced as halal.

And so, anyone who submits to any law other than Allah’s law as the supreme law has said “goodbye” to Allah as Al-Hakam.

This is called Shirk.

When Firaun declared that he is the one who possesses sovereign and possesses supreme authority with his law is the supreme law, that was Shirk. So Allah, punished him with terrible punishment.

Caliphate is a state or system in government in which muslims could submit to Allah as Al-Malik, as Al-Akhbar, as Al-Hakam.

Friday, April 27, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 5

Between 1914 and 1916, German submarines made a surprise appearance into warfare. It tip the scale on the sides of Germany and by 1916, Britain was in the verge of defeat. German submarines had surrounded and marooned the Island of Britain. The French government have fall and Germany occupied France. Britain was on her knees. These are the moments that the Jews were waiting for.

Now, the check is going to talk.

It was called financial diplomacy. The Jews (in German government) said, “let’s make a deal. We will intervene the war with massive financial assistance and bring that “dark horse” into the race”.

But that “dark horse” don’t want to come into the race. American public opinion was overwhelmingly  against involvement in the war, and the most famous person of all that time is not the president; a man who setup assembly lines for producing motorcars, Henry Ford. He made motorcars accessible to ordinary people. He did not bother about the market wage. He concerns about paying a just wage. He paid his workers a higher wage than the market wage. As a result, he won the hearts of American people and became an American icon, and he totally oppose American involvement in the war.

When the Jews went to the British government and offers a deal, they replied “deal”. And so, the money from Kimberley began to roll. The Jewish money enters into the war in massive way. The Jewish influence over media in the United States is now made to work and American public opinion is being brainwashed and slowly transformed until suddenly, to a consternation of Henry Ford and so many Americans; Franklin Roosevelt declares war and the United States was sent into the war.

Britain with the new found wealth and with the assistance of the United States now has a new lease of life and now the war takes on in the direction the Jews wanted in the first place.

If you want to destroy the Caliphate, you have to make sure that it cannot be restored. How can you take the entire world of Islam with so many Ulama’ and ensure not only the Caliphate is destroyed, but it cannot be restored?

To be continued..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 4

To destroy Caliphate, you have to destroy the Ottoman Empire. You cannot use 5000 soldiers to do that. So, you need a World War. What do you do: you plan a conspiracy, and you stay behind so that your fingerprints are not in the crime. In other words, you plan “9-11” (another word for big lies).

The attack took place in the summer of 1914 when the Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Saravejo. In that time, there were 6 major powers in Europe, and there was one dark horse across the Atlantic. The 6 major powers are; Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Islamic Empire.

How can you bring a World War which will result in dismantling of Ottoman Islamic Empire? Good planning is the answer.

When they killed Franz Ferdinand, they left footprints which lead to Russia. As on Semtember the 11th, they left footprints which lead to Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia.

So, Austria-Hungary had no option but to declare war on Russia. But Britain and France already had a defense treaty with Russia. The Secretary of State of Foreign Minister in Britain was a Jew. So, Britain and France had to declare war in favour of Russia against Austria-Hungary. But Germany has same racial ties with Austria-Hungary and forced to enter the war with Austria-Hungary.

Whoever planned the assassination has succeeded in bringing all these powers in Europe into a state of war.

All is left now is what we called “the sick man of Europe”, Ottoman Islamic Empire. The Caliphate in Istanbul does not want to enter the war. He knows how weak the Ottoman army in Turkey in terms of military technology. But through internal intrigue within Istanbul, the Ottoman was forced to enter the war and the Russian ship in Bosphorus is used.

Once the war started, that massive wealth which the jews had accumulated is now used strategically for the purpose of influencing the direction of war, to get the price that they want; to dismantle  and destroy Ottoman Islamic Empire and to cut off the head of Islam, namely the Caliphate.

The next one is to liberate the Holy Land and to make it as their own…

To be continued..

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 3

A child was playing in the village of Africa and the child found a big glittering stone. The child took it home and showed it to the parents. The parents took it to the chief of the tribe. Chief of the tribe took it to the white commissioner. The commissioner sent it to Capetown and concluded that, that was a huge diamond.

The stage was now set when that diamond was discovered because now, we know where the diamonds are located. By this time, Britain is able to locate the diamond veins underneath the earth using advanced technology. And so, the Southern Africa becomes a big diamond and gold mines. One of them is Kimberley.

They used a man named Cecil John Rhodes as a front man and they were able to manipulate and gain control over the diamonds. The bulk of the wealth which now emerges out of South Africa lands in the hands of the Jews.

In 1914, the land of Kimberley mine was closed down because they have taken it all. Now they have the maximum wealth they could amass.  This is about 17 years after the Zionist movement is established. Now they are ready in 1914 to move to the next stage. The philosophical and political system is now already in place.

And now; the military attack….

To be continued..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 2

And so, what Europe did is to launch the philosophical and political attack before the military attack; to produce that which can replace Caliphate. They sent spies to infiltrate Istanbul and to create what we called the “Young Turks” in whose group was located a man named Mustafa Kemal, and brainwashed them into absorbing, imbibing and accepting the new political secularism which emerges out of Europe.

Then came the actual military attack.

In 1897,European who dressed up themselves in the clothing of Jews called the “European-Jews”, these people establish the Zionist movement. The stage was now set. The countdown has begun for the Jews to strike after waiting fo almost 2000 years; to achieve their objective of bringing back the Golden Age.

Centuries before this, they had struck Europe and over a period of 300 to 400 years they have transformed Europe from a civilization based on faith in Christianity to a new godless civilization. Having done that, they are now ready to strike when they create the Zionist movement.

Allah S.W.T unveils the mother of all signs for those who have eyes to see. But most of mankind, they have eyes but they don’t see. They have ears but they don’t hear. They have hearts but they don’t understand.

What is the sign?

The sign is the recovery of the body of Firaun. The body is discovered just about the time when the Zionist movement is established.

At the same time, strange things happened to the European-Jews. They are not just making money through lending money on interest. They get a windfall . A mass amount of wealth now coming their way.

The hadith was “Passing by a place in ruins, he will order it to take out its hidden treasure. The earth will immediately take out its hidden treasure. The earth will immediately take out its treasure and the treasure will literally follow him wherever he goes  like bees following the queen bee  (Nawwas-b-Samaan/Muslim)”.  Meaning that the earth will yield up its treasure to Dajjal..


To be continued..

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 1

In Surah An-Nahl of the Quran, Allah sent down the Quran which might explain everything. So it might explain strange things when the Caliphate disappears and replaced by modern secular state. For a period of time, there is no Caliphate. In the Quran, there is guidance on how to respond when Caliphate no longer be there. The explanation and guidance comes from Allah as an act of rahmat. And for those who search, and find it, and accepted it, and embrace it; good news for them. They will understand the world that day which others cannot And they will respond to it while others cannot.

The caliphate was destroyed.
Who destroy it?
Why did they destroy it?
How did they destroy it?
When did they destroy it?

These are awesomely important questions which very few can answer today.

The Jews (not all Jews) had in their heart and they still have it to this day, this conviction that it is their destiny even after Allah SWT had expelled them from the holy land, even after they have lived in wilderness for 2000 years; it is a conviction in the heart of the Jews that it is their destiny to liberate the Holy Land, and return to the Holy Land not as tourists, but to reclaim it as their own. For 2000 years the Jews had this conviction in their heart. One day, this will happen; to restore the Holy Land as the state of Israel of Nabi Daud Alaihissalam and Nabi Sulaiman Alaihissalam. And the Golden Age will come back one more time, when the state of Israel was the ruling state in the world.
 When the state of Israel is restored, it will eventually become the ruling state in the world. These are the conviction of the Jews.
 Who liberates the Holy Land in 1919 and brings back the Jewish to the land to reclaim it as their own bewtween 1919 and 1948? Who restores the state of Israel I the Holy Land in 1948? And convinces the “one eyed” Jews that the state of Israel of Nabi Daud and Nabis Sulaiman? But of course it is not. It is an imposter but they accepted it, and they embrace it.
 Israel is about to become the ruling state in the world replacing the United States of America. If this is to be accomplished and the Golden Age is to return one more time, and they are to rule the world; how will they do it?

First, they will need globalization to bring all mankind together as one global society.
They also need to demolish the Ottoman Islamic Empire which stands in their way.
And they will have to demolish the institution of the Caliphate which is the HEAD of Islam. Because if you can cut off the head, you can paralyze the body.

So, the attack is launched to cut off the head of Caliphate. It begins as a philosophical attack. You use an epistemolgy; that knowledge only comes from external observation and rational inquiry to take mankind to materialism, that there is no reality beyond material reality.
 After that, you apply that to political thought and out of philosophical materialism, emerges a new political philosophy .

What does it say?

Since there is no reality beyond material reality, we can no longer collectively recognize sovereignty up there. So sovereignty must now be relocated down here. The people are now sovereign, no longer Allah SWT.

The people constitute the state and they located the sovereignty in the state. So, the state is sovereign.
This is a European creation. It did not come out of the world of Islam. Not only the state is sovereign, but the authority of the state is supreme. It is now, the state which makes the law, and the law of the state is the highest law. More than that, they legalized what Allah makes haram. That is what Europe proceeded to do. Everything that Allah made haram, they make it halal. There is nothing left now.
To be continued..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can ‘Islamic’ Democracy work?

A major assumption is that if we were to have a democracy in a majority Muslim country, that country will have to implement Islam because the people would demand it – and the Muslim people would never go against the will of Allah, would they? (note sarcasm).

Apart from the usual major fallacies of democracy e.g. non-representation, public unable to conceive of wider picture, hypocrisy of leaders and control by the wealthy – to name but a few; how would a ‘islamic’ democracy deliver morality and Islamic rights, when it is based upon self-interest?

Democracy works based upon self-interested people banding together and seeking to vote in someone who will represent those interests. Such a system is prone to factionalism, infighting, discontent on minorities and a general self-centred attitude to approaching politics in society. It matters not how good your morals are, because secularism WILL separate your morals from any real possibility of feasible practical implementation. That why people say, if you want to have a clean conscious, you don’t go into politics. Take Indonesia for example, there already exists factionalism and infighting in it – and that is because of democracy. Some minorities are so tired of having their interests ignored by the majority, they want to separate themselves so that they become a majority in their own country!

And finally, if we are actually concerned about establishing the will of God, in regards to politics, why not just establish the sharia law directly and not gamble on the hope that the self-interested groups in the population will do the right thing and not just the most convenient thing (which they usually tend to do, if left to themselves)?

In the end, the Western world is developed because they came to an agreement that it is in the common (self) interest to use technology to make life more enjoyable (and convenient). As Muslims, if we want to get as developed (if not more), we should rediscover our original motivation that caused us to develop – the worship of Allah (swt) and the never ending striving for the absolute perfection of His (swt) pleasure.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Live it

And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way outAnd will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a decreed extent. [65: 2-3]

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Universal Shirk | Rasa boleh masuk syurga? Think again..

how can you recognize a black ant, on a black stone, on a dark night.. ?
Since 1924, sistem khilafah dah dipupuskan..
Replaced by so called "modern secular state"
Based on the foundation of shirk..
Because according to them, sovereign belongs to the state, not Allah..

The only people who are able to recognize that we now live a world of shirk are the ones who see with  Nur from Allah..

Not us, not even close..

Adalah sesuatu yang bodoh apabila mana-mana muslim mengatakan yang dia tak mampu buat apa-apa atas dasar kuasa yang takluk dunia sekarang ni terlalu besar untuk kita pulihkan kembali sistem khilafah.. Alasan untuk senyap dan buat tak tahu.

Dakwah has already been enforced.. Don't stop.. Start learning.. Or at least, start having a little bit of interest TO KNOW what happened to your muslim brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine etc..

Think you can survive once you enter your grave, and gain Jannah? Don't be such a fool..Think again..

P/S: One must recite Quran everyday to get Nur..

Please take your time for this =)