Thursday, April 30, 2009


Words of divine consciousness: moral exaltation, lasting feelings of elevation, elation, joy; a quickening of moral sense, which strikes one as more important than an intellectual understanding of things: an alignment of the universe along moral lines, not intellectual ones; a realization that the founding principle of existence is what we call love, which works itself out sometimes not clearly, not cleanly, not immediately, nonetheless ineluctably. what of god's silence? An intellect confounded yet a trusting sense of presence and of ultimate purpose..

Evil = total absence of love

Is it true that evil defined by total absence of love? Have you ever questioning yourself about your "dark" side and the fundamental of it? We are not so pure that we cannot explain exactly and clearly about "things" within ourselves + limited by our role as a one sided viewer in seeing our own life.

-to be continued-

Monday, April 27, 2009


Seeing life as a picture...
Here we got different perception, different interpretation , and of course relatively to different people..
If we see a picture, our thoughts regarding it are sometimes dependent...
What are the factors? Your life experiences? Others life experiences? Or just pieces of notion from your mind..
The question is, how would we manage the factors such that the factors themselves are independent regardless anything and everything that represent your thoughts...
You accept thoughts that harm you inside...
You think of something that contradict what you see..
360 degree point of view in 3 dimension,..
Are we capable of doing that?
What are the consequences?

Picture...Solid but abstract.. ..

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have my family...i have a lot of friends..I live in this world surrounded by human-beings..
I see them and i see things that happen to them... Not all but a few i suppose..
Whenever it comes to a stage where everything seems to act out of their "box of expectation", they ll get their head messy.. I must say that not giving up is a good value but along with that, welcome to the land of desperation...where people become unwise when they cannot suck it up..

Dear people,
If you already had "love", you get it rid out of your life...fool..
Then you thirst for "love" once again..When u didnt get one, you force love to come to you by
any possible way..blindly..Out of mind control..Making everything looks nice in front of your
eyes.. People.. Hoping that they will get the best of the best..Putting a value seen by their eyes
into judgement..Not from the heart.. People deserve to suffer to realize..That is the only
antidot..A cure of blindness... Understand that desperation is unwise...
Human being are the greatest creation of God..People are not fool..
It is just that they make themselves that way..
Fall into what you deserve..
Just let yourself know that it is not so hard to just appreciate...^^


Please take your time for this =)