Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its 3.15am in the morning...Just 15 hours 45 minutes away from Materials paper..

Just woke up at 2, took my bath, and met Him spiritually..
I ve been thinking for a while...
Life doesnt hurt until you think about how much it has changed in a bad way,who you've lost along the way, and how much of it was your fault...

But what about choices and decisions?
If we think its good and leads to a good consequences, then its fine.
If we think its bad and leads to bad consequences, then dont do it.
If we think its good n ll ended up bad, still not good..

But what if:
we think its bad in a right way, but leads to good consequences that we might choose it in order to avoid greater destruction or whatsoever..

Do i got a chip on my shoulder...


FaRRa said...

you know what,

sumtimes we just HAVE to, eventhough we strongly know how bad the decision is..
papepun, Allah je tau niat kita aite?

Ashraf said...

yup2.. The hardest part is bile ade 2 decision yg baik but bertentangan each other.. heheh

Please take your time for this =)