Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 4

To destroy Caliphate, you have to destroy the Ottoman Empire. You cannot use 5000 soldiers to do that. So, you need a World War. What do you do: you plan a conspiracy, and you stay behind so that your fingerprints are not in the crime. In other words, you plan “9-11” (another word for big lies).

The attack took place in the summer of 1914 when the Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Saravejo. In that time, there were 6 major powers in Europe, and there was one dark horse across the Atlantic. The 6 major powers are; Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Islamic Empire.

How can you bring a World War which will result in dismantling of Ottoman Islamic Empire? Good planning is the answer.

When they killed Franz Ferdinand, they left footprints which lead to Russia. As on Semtember the 11th, they left footprints which lead to Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia.

So, Austria-Hungary had no option but to declare war on Russia. But Britain and France already had a defense treaty with Russia. The Secretary of State of Foreign Minister in Britain was a Jew. So, Britain and France had to declare war in favour of Russia against Austria-Hungary. But Germany has same racial ties with Austria-Hungary and forced to enter the war with Austria-Hungary.

Whoever planned the assassination has succeeded in bringing all these powers in Europe into a state of war.

All is left now is what we called “the sick man of Europe”, Ottoman Islamic Empire. The Caliphate in Istanbul does not want to enter the war. He knows how weak the Ottoman army in Turkey in terms of military technology. But through internal intrigue within Istanbul, the Ottoman was forced to enter the war and the Russian ship in Bosphorus is used.

Once the war started, that massive wealth which the jews had accumulated is now used strategically for the purpose of influencing the direction of war, to get the price that they want; to dismantle  and destroy Ottoman Islamic Empire and to cut off the head of Islam, namely the Caliphate.

The next one is to liberate the Holy Land and to make it as their own…

To be continued..


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