Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 1

In Surah An-Nahl of the Quran, Allah sent down the Quran which might explain everything. So it might explain strange things when the Caliphate disappears and replaced by modern secular state. For a period of time, there is no Caliphate. In the Quran, there is guidance on how to respond when Caliphate no longer be there. The explanation and guidance comes from Allah as an act of rahmat. And for those who search, and find it, and accepted it, and embrace it; good news for them. They will understand the world that day which others cannot And they will respond to it while others cannot.

The caliphate was destroyed.
Who destroy it?
Why did they destroy it?
How did they destroy it?
When did they destroy it?

These are awesomely important questions which very few can answer today.

The Jews (not all Jews) had in their heart and they still have it to this day, this conviction that it is their destiny even after Allah SWT had expelled them from the holy land, even after they have lived in wilderness for 2000 years; it is a conviction in the heart of the Jews that it is their destiny to liberate the Holy Land, and return to the Holy Land not as tourists, but to reclaim it as their own. For 2000 years the Jews had this conviction in their heart. One day, this will happen; to restore the Holy Land as the state of Israel of Nabi Daud Alaihissalam and Nabi Sulaiman Alaihissalam. And the Golden Age will come back one more time, when the state of Israel was the ruling state in the world.
 When the state of Israel is restored, it will eventually become the ruling state in the world. These are the conviction of the Jews.
 Who liberates the Holy Land in 1919 and brings back the Jewish to the land to reclaim it as their own bewtween 1919 and 1948? Who restores the state of Israel I the Holy Land in 1948? And convinces the “one eyed” Jews that the state of Israel of Nabi Daud and Nabis Sulaiman? But of course it is not. It is an imposter but they accepted it, and they embrace it.
 Israel is about to become the ruling state in the world replacing the United States of America. If this is to be accomplished and the Golden Age is to return one more time, and they are to rule the world; how will they do it?

First, they will need globalization to bring all mankind together as one global society.
They also need to demolish the Ottoman Islamic Empire which stands in their way.
And they will have to demolish the institution of the Caliphate which is the HEAD of Islam. Because if you can cut off the head, you can paralyze the body.

So, the attack is launched to cut off the head of Caliphate. It begins as a philosophical attack. You use an epistemolgy; that knowledge only comes from external observation and rational inquiry to take mankind to materialism, that there is no reality beyond material reality.
 After that, you apply that to political thought and out of philosophical materialism, emerges a new political philosophy .

What does it say?

Since there is no reality beyond material reality, we can no longer collectively recognize sovereignty up there. So sovereignty must now be relocated down here. The people are now sovereign, no longer Allah SWT.

The people constitute the state and they located the sovereignty in the state. So, the state is sovereign.
This is a European creation. It did not come out of the world of Islam. Not only the state is sovereign, but the authority of the state is supreme. It is now, the state which makes the law, and the law of the state is the highest law. More than that, they legalized what Allah makes haram. That is what Europe proceeded to do. Everything that Allah made haram, they make it halal. There is nothing left now.
To be continued..


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