Friday, April 27, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 5

Between 1914 and 1916, German submarines made a surprise appearance into warfare. It tip the scale on the sides of Germany and by 1916, Britain was in the verge of defeat. German submarines had surrounded and marooned the Island of Britain. The French government have fall and Germany occupied France. Britain was on her knees. These are the moments that the Jews were waiting for.

Now, the check is going to talk.

It was called financial diplomacy. The Jews (in German government) said, “let’s make a deal. We will intervene the war with massive financial assistance and bring that “dark horse” into the race”.

But that “dark horse” don’t want to come into the race. American public opinion was overwhelmingly  against involvement in the war, and the most famous person of all that time is not the president; a man who setup assembly lines for producing motorcars, Henry Ford. He made motorcars accessible to ordinary people. He did not bother about the market wage. He concerns about paying a just wage. He paid his workers a higher wage than the market wage. As a result, he won the hearts of American people and became an American icon, and he totally oppose American involvement in the war.

When the Jews went to the British government and offers a deal, they replied “deal”. And so, the money from Kimberley began to roll. The Jewish money enters into the war in massive way. The Jewish influence over media in the United States is now made to work and American public opinion is being brainwashed and slowly transformed until suddenly, to a consternation of Henry Ford and so many Americans; Franklin Roosevelt declares war and the United States was sent into the war.

Britain with the new found wealth and with the assistance of the United States now has a new lease of life and now the war takes on in the direction the Jews wanted in the first place.

If you want to destroy the Caliphate, you have to make sure that it cannot be restored. How can you take the entire world of Islam with so many Ulama’ and ensure not only the Caliphate is destroyed, but it cannot be restored?

To be continued..


yassine said...

Dude can you continue please?
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Ashraf Jalil said...

thanks for reading this.. act you can refer to Sheikh Imran Hosein for full story..

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