Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 3

A child was playing in the village of Africa and the child found a big glittering stone. The child took it home and showed it to the parents. The parents took it to the chief of the tribe. Chief of the tribe took it to the white commissioner. The commissioner sent it to Capetown and concluded that, that was a huge diamond.

The stage was now set when that diamond was discovered because now, we know where the diamonds are located. By this time, Britain is able to locate the diamond veins underneath the earth using advanced technology. And so, the Southern Africa becomes a big diamond and gold mines. One of them is Kimberley.

They used a man named Cecil John Rhodes as a front man and they were able to manipulate and gain control over the diamonds. The bulk of the wealth which now emerges out of South Africa lands in the hands of the Jews.

In 1914, the land of Kimberley mine was closed down because they have taken it all. Now they have the maximum wealth they could amass.  This is about 17 years after the Zionist movement is established. Now they are ready in 1914 to move to the next stage. The philosophical and political system is now already in place.

And now; the military attack….

To be continued..


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