Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Caliphate in Islam is Destroyed | Part 2

And so, what Europe did is to launch the philosophical and political attack before the military attack; to produce that which can replace Caliphate. They sent spies to infiltrate Istanbul and to create what we called the “Young Turks” in whose group was located a man named Mustafa Kemal, and brainwashed them into absorbing, imbibing and accepting the new political secularism which emerges out of Europe.

Then came the actual military attack.

In 1897,European who dressed up themselves in the clothing of Jews called the “European-Jews”, these people establish the Zionist movement. The stage was now set. The countdown has begun for the Jews to strike after waiting fo almost 2000 years; to achieve their objective of bringing back the Golden Age.

Centuries before this, they had struck Europe and over a period of 300 to 400 years they have transformed Europe from a civilization based on faith in Christianity to a new godless civilization. Having done that, they are now ready to strike when they create the Zionist movement.

Allah S.W.T unveils the mother of all signs for those who have eyes to see. But most of mankind, they have eyes but they don’t see. They have ears but they don’t hear. They have hearts but they don’t understand.

What is the sign?

The sign is the recovery of the body of Firaun. The body is discovered just about the time when the Zionist movement is established.

At the same time, strange things happened to the European-Jews. They are not just making money through lending money on interest. They get a windfall . A mass amount of wealth now coming their way.

The hadith was “Passing by a place in ruins, he will order it to take out its hidden treasure. The earth will immediately take out its hidden treasure. The earth will immediately take out its treasure and the treasure will literally follow him wherever he goes  like bees following the queen bee  (Nawwas-b-Samaan/Muslim)”.  Meaning that the earth will yield up its treasure to Dajjal..


To be continued..


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