Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Me Version 3.0

is a subject programmed to:

1. Absorbs any info and effectively keeping them separately in 3 different folders: "important", "unnecessary", "ridiculous"

2.Have better sense of time and alertness.

3. Withstand greater physical torture n psychological pressure with higher endurance limit plus reasonably proper action.

4. Focus.

5. Have 'desperate' hormone stored for emergency use.

6. Have brain "refresh button".

7. Set all of the above for "ultimate purpose" insyaAllah..

Goodbye 3rd year n hopefully next year's gonna be my final undergraduate year..


[sutera kasih] said...

blaja kt luar ngara ekk?good luck yeaa..take care :)

Iera Lollies said...

follow here too:)

Ashraf said...


Please take your time for this =)