Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What i have just learned this sem..that will eventually be forgotten

Manufacturing : primary/secondary manufacturing processes, Sand casting, continuous casting, hot/cold forming operation, powder metallurgy, machining, joining/welding , sheet forming.

Control system simulation : Laplace transform, system modelling, state space representation, simulation diagram, damping system, analogous system, vibration, 1st order/2nd order system, convolution.

Thermodynamics: Brayton cycle, Rankine cycle, Regenerative complex brayton with reheat n intercooling, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle, Refrigeration /heat pump cycle, combined gas/vapor power cyle, psychrometric, mixtures and combustion, cycle with open/close feedwater heater, vapor-liquid separator, turbomachinery.

Machine design: Normal stress theory, shear stress theory, distortion energy theory/von-Misses,Tresca theory, Castiglianos theorem, fatigue failure,Stress-life cycle curve, Goodman's diagram, bolt, spring, bearing n gear design considering fatigue failure n life cycle.

Probability n statistic: Statistic, probability, discrete sample, continuous sample, conditional probability, Bayes theorem, probability mass function, probability density function, Binomial, Hypergeometric, negative Binomial, joint probability, confidence interval,central limit theorem, normal distribution, pooled-t test/ error test for single sample n 2 sample


y u y u Z u l a i k h a said...

pening kepala otak!

cekodok, cekelat, kuih bangkit, meatball, laksa, bolognese, kek lapis, kek batik,

best sikit <3

[sutera kasih] said... yg stress tgk istilah2 kt ats tu hehe

Ashraf said...

yuyu: entry pasal makanan dah lepas. haha
sk: wat yoga..haha

Please take your time for this =)