Monday, April 19, 2010

If only i could see that...

"tp dlm byk2 sakit, Rasulullah plg suka demam. sebab seluruh badan involve. demam blh wat perumpamaan persaudaraan islam, bila satu bhgn sakit, bhgn lain pun sakit juga"

Yup..thats right..betul..

But satu mende yg xbgos kalo pemikiran terlalu secular ialah perkara yg sahih ditolak tepi..Wlopon aku bukan jenis org cm ustaz tapi aku tau Islam sangat menggalakkan kite melahirkan umat yg berfikir..

Their thoughts....They see it in a right way but they put it in a wrong place.. Yess ..It is true that sakit boleh menghapuskan dosa but is it right to ask for it? Kenapa nak minta sakit datang? Kalo niat kite so that dosa terhapus is it ok? Cmne lak kalo orang yg nak berperang dgn niat nak mati syahid so tat masuk syurga? We already know the answer..

Berbalik pd topik demam. I can say that mereka yg minta demam tu agak selfish..
Pemikiran yg terlalu narrow...Cube fikir kalo sume org berfikiran camtu? Minta demam..
Pastu sume demam..
Produktivti keje kurang..
Melahirkan org2 yg sakit..
Fikir utk hapuskan dosa sendiri tapi xfikir akan implikasinye pada kemajuan dlm sesebuah community as a whole..Nk lg specific,: KOMUNITI ISLAM

Dont ever think that we deserve bless from Allah if we cant even put a lil bit of those aspect as one thing that we fight for.. We dont live here in His world just for our own good.. Life's just too great and blissful that we have others to think of.. Thinking is not as simple as believing coz proof is insignificant at all but intention is so powerful that it guides u in a right way to better thoughts and better CONSEQUENCES as long as you wish and you want to love the right thing.. For the sake of what you re trying to reach, living your whole life the way you think so-called-to-the-fullest doesnt mean that you can throw the word "accept" in a trash can.

For goodness sake..They are a whole bunch of people that we have to consider the most..They are those who re going to be born someday..Confirm your existence, be worth for yourself and be worth for OTHERS.

*pic taken and edited by me


farah said...

siapa insan yang meminta dirinya demam ?
mind to share ?

sarah.azman said...

well said.. *clap3* and how come issue demam ni boleh timbul? haha.. anyhow, rather than ade org mintak nk demam utk hapuskn dosa sendiri, it'll be much much better if they work on improving themselves.. redha Allah xdtg bergolek just like that kut.. just a morning-non-coherent thought dr kte..

Ashraf said...


Please take your time for this =)