Sunday, August 29, 2010

We re kids no more.. kapish!

Having said that,its true that sometimes there could be nothing worse than having at least 1 person around you who is capable of making your life a living hell.. They do shit, u pay the price..

We re talking about action, consequences and responsibility.. It's frustrating when this kind of people are unfortunately acting n thinking like brats.. which makes dealing with them is harder n a wallop on their head is significantly out of list.

We all do love jokes but something that could bring all of us to the court??!! And cost us thousand bucks and a great deal of time and effort after they screw up their life n others??!

I guess that is what being adult means.. Unfortunate events are odourless and u have to suck it up whenever they slap u on the face.. The best thing to do is always try hard to be good to others n be rational.

Sbb ade msg yg Allah nk sampaikan dlm sume mende yg berlaku n i do believe that from the first beginning.. And same goes to everything that i ve been through..

P/s: long break.. selamat tinggal d90 n photography...

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