Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lame dah jadik draft

Terjumpe gambar2 scenery yg cantik dr satu flickr photostream sorang mamat nih..
Pelik sbb pic2 die sume almost unrealistic but xgune tonemap hdr lgsung..
Dgn account pro flickr, aku try detect segala info yg ade kt properties pic tu serta indirect description ringkas yg die bg.. I wonder how he did that..
Found out that it is something beyond our eyes capability..
iaitu detect cahaya dlm kegelapan dgn mengawal masa sensor terbukak yg memberi kesan "merekod" cahaya..
I took this pic at 10pm (mmg gelap cm malam) using 30 seconds shutter speed, ISO 200
exposure 5.0, bracketting : 3 sets of jpeg file with 2.0EV spacing..
I used only 2 of them, blended manually by merging both to hdr n set back to 8 bit file from 32bit.. i did play with some highlight, midtones and shadows adjustment..
n walla! Somehow i think its better than tonemapped hdr..
Akan mencuba lagi pic jenis cmnih next time..


Please take your time for this =)