Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have my family...i have a lot of friends..I live in this world surrounded by human-beings..
I see them and i see things that happen to them... Not all but a few i suppose..
Whenever it comes to a stage where everything seems to act out of their "box of expectation", they ll get their head messy.. I must say that not giving up is a good value but along with that, welcome to the land of desperation...where people become unwise when they cannot suck it up..

Dear people,
If you already had "love", you get it rid out of your life...fool..
Then you thirst for "love" once again..When u didnt get one, you force love to come to you by
any possible way..blindly..Out of mind control..Making everything looks nice in front of your
eyes.. People.. Hoping that they will get the best of the best..Putting a value seen by their eyes
into judgement..Not from the heart.. People deserve to suffer to realize..That is the only
antidot..A cure of blindness... Understand that desperation is unwise...
Human being are the greatest creation of God..People are not fool..
It is just that they make themselves that way..
Fall into what you deserve..
Just let yourself know that it is not so hard to just appreciate...^^


Please take your time for this =)